Microgreens at the Hub

David Whitaker is a full time AmeriCorps member serving at Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard.  David submitted this Great Story with his second quarter progress report.  Nice work, David!


I started a micgrogreen growing operation this winter as a means to get fresh produce into the pantry when outdoor gardening wasn’t possible.  I have grown about 100 flats of either pea shoots, sunflower shoots, microradishes, spicy mix(microradishes and micromustards) and magenta spreen.  Each flat yields about 4 bags so around 400 patrons have had access to these nutritious microgreens to take home.  Patrons and volunteers have also had much interest in growing microgreens on their own.  I have had the chance to talk to over 100 patrons about growing their own microgreens as well as providing them with handouts that give step by step instructions on how to grow microgreens.  People have told me that they enjoy eating the microgreens very much and are even starting to grow them on their own!  MHCI stole this photo from Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard.  Check out all of the great work they do!  David is in the back wearing a blue t-shirt.  AmeriCorps Alum, Kendra Brewer is in the center wearing black.  Kendra stayed at the Hub after her term of service ended.  She is now the garden coordinator.


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