Volunteers Make All the Difference at Jameson Camp

This quarter, our volutneers did all types of service activities. We had quite a few volunteers who worked with our groups. They helped with our morning activities such as Artistic Expressions and Culinary Arts. They connected with our campers while having the opporutnity to engage with them in their personal area of interest. Since both these activities had a Wellness Week theme, they really got a hands on experience working with Wellness and our youth.

We had quite a few unique presenters as well! The Indiana Organ Procurement Fund visited camp (along with some actual human and animal organs) to discuss the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Our campers got a real hands on experience that they would never forget. A volunteer from the Asthma Alliance brought actual pig lungs, where she demonstrated to our campers what bad habits, such as smoking, can do to your lungs. We also had a really exciting visit from a local bee keeper. We did a dual presentation, on the importance of bees to the environment, the benefits of honey as a natural sweetner and a fruit salad recipe demonstration.

-Danielle Reed, AmeriCorps MemberDSCF1521


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