Active Living Coalition (ALC) Walk and Health Fair

AmeriCorps Improving Health Throughout Indiana just wrapped up the ALC Walk and Health Fair that took place on June 25, 2011 in the Showers Plaza downtown Bloomington. It was a spectacular event and all the members involved were so thrilled to be a part of it. The event included roughly 19 booths that represented all ways to live an active and healthy life. Live ZUMBA and other work out routines were done during the whole event. Many little kids that were there joined in on the work out routines – it was awesome to see how this kind of outreach impacted the youngest youth within our community.

For our booth, we had over 30 individuals stop by our booth and ask questions about some of the table displays we had. The one table display that was a HUGE hit was our Health Edco portion size visual. It helped everyone visual what a normal portion size was for various foods ranging from a normal pancake portion (the size of a CD), a pasta portion (the size of a computer mouse), and even down to how much peanut butter is in a portion (the size of a golf ball). People were blown away by this. I’m pretty sure most of our members were, too.
Pictured below is myself (Brian Blevins) and another AmeriCorps member, Amy Phillips, standing at our booth during the event.

Amy Phillips and Brian Blevins, ALC Walk and Health Fair: June 25, 2011

Again, it was a fantastic event that we were so enthused to be a part of. Everyone at AIHTI would like to thank Samantha Schaefer and Cassie Barnhart for helping coordinate the whole event and for including us. We all look forward to working with you both in the near future.


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