Growing Together Community Garden Project

On May 21, 2011, AmeriCorps Improving Health Throughout Indiana hosted its second AmeriCorps Week Service Project at the Felege Hiywot Center in Indianapolis. Growing Together Community Garden was a one-day event community garden project that focused on serving an urban area and providing education on proper nutrition and the importance of community involvement. The members of the project built two raised accessible garden beds for individuals who are wheelchair bound. We hope this project will bring surrounding neighborhoods, communities and families together for a fun-filled day of learning how to manage healthy lifestyles through proper nutrition.

Pictures from the event can be seen below. The event was a complete success.

Congratulations to our AmeriCorps members Amy Phillips, Brian Blevins, Beth Underdahl-Peirce, Maggie Barrett, Kerry Anderson, Sarah Anderson, Terri Shephard, Emily Bretz, Jillian Schumacher, Rachel Boveja and Will McConnell for a job well done! We’d also like to thank Jerry from the Felege Hiywot Center and all the employees at the center for all their help! We couldn’t have done it without you!


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