OFBCI’s Friday Night Facts: Volume 11, Issue 2

In this issue of Friday Night Facts, there isn’t much that AIHTI members can do without going outside of our mission. However, it does have a lot of information regarding upcoming events, award ceremonies, and conferences. I recommend AIHTI members trying to attend the Enhancing Your Professional Development workshop. It’s a 3-part series workshop and it will help you fully understand your personal communication style and the styles of others. We all must communicate effectively with other people and this workshop will provide a solid foundation on how and why we must do this. It will even help you do your job well and improve your work relationships.

This issue also references an upcoming event called The Indiana Summit on Out-of-School Learning. This 2-day conference will include a wide range of break‐out sessions/workshops with practical tools and best practices for out‐of‐school time providers. The summit could provide an AIHTI member with better curriculum ideas such as building better readers, promoting positive behaviors in youth, parent engagement, homework help, science enrichment, college and career readiness, physical fitness, and other topics. Check it out!

And finally, any AIHTI member that is taking classes (and plans to be next year) should attend the 2011 College and Scholarship Fair presented by Vincennes University. It’s going to be held January 29, 2011 at the Venue Conference Center in Indianapolis. Scholarships will be awarded ON-SITE…and…IT’S FREE and open to the public! This is an awesome opportunity to help fund your academic career!

Be sure to take your time skimming this issue of Friday Night Facts. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime, do you?


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