Q1 Progress Reports – Greatest Great Story

Below you will see the greatest great story we received from quarter 1 progress reports. Enjoy!

My name is Jessica and I am currently serving in the AmeriCorps Improving Health Throughout Indiana program. I am placed at Bloomington Hospital, in Bloomington Indiana. One of the programs I serve is G.O.A.L. (Get Onboard Active Living). It is a 24 week pediatric weight management program that teaches families the importance of nutrition, exercise, behavioral and community health with a 12-week intensive class and then a monthly follow up for 3 months.  Each week we meet on Tuesday nights for two hours to educate children and their families on a certain nutrition and behavioral topic, and to exercise with them. When I first starting serving with G.O.A.L. it was in its 6th week, and my main objective was to play catch-up with the rest of the program team and get to know the participants. It was obvious right away that the children and their families loved coming to G.O.A.L., but it wasn’t until near the end of the 12 weeks that I realized what a difference the program had made in some of their lives. A teenage girl enrolled in the program lost a little over 11 pounds, and her mother reported losing 8 pounds. Ten out of fifteen lost weight over the 12-week intensive session and thirteen out of the fifteen participants lost inches around their waist, the average being -1.65 inches. Perhaps more importantly, 92 percent said they felt better about their body after G.O.A.L. Coming up is our Holiday Ice Skate, a follow-up field trip with the children and their families. I look forward to seeing the kids again, and hope to see us have a continuing impact in their lives.

Every member did a great job on their stories but this one stood out! Keep up the good work everyone!


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